You may have noticed that I have not posted any pictures in quite some time. It is not because I have gone away, fading into the abyss like a shadow at sunset, but rather because I have had very little free time between work and moving to a new home. In fact, to say the last 2-3 years has been hectic would likely be an understatement. A lot has happened in that time and one of the main things I wanted to happen sooner was transferring my blog over to my own site. With this post, that now becomes official!

Another of my goals was to start editing some of my older firefighting photos and get them posted. I took the first step towards that goal tonight, as well, with the uploading of four fires in the City of Rochester from 2003. They are a 2nd alarm fire on West Avenue on October 10th, a September 9th fire on Henry Street, a 2nd alarm on Lake Avenue on September 5th, and a May 31st blaze on 6th Street.

As I look back at many of these photos, I see not only the improvement in the camera equipment I use, but also in my ability as a photographer. While most of my point-and-shoots were good quality for what they were and their era, there is a sharp contrast with the images I shot after switching to a DSLR in mid-2011. While much of that is due to the upgraded equipment, none of it would be possible without the guidance I received from other photographers, both photojournalists and portrait shooters alike.

Anyway, I don't see life slowing down any time soon - much to the chagrin of my camera - so I don't know how often I will be able to buff fires going forward. If I get the opportunity you may see me out there, but either way I will work on getting more of the old stuff posted as time permits. Be sure to follow me on Facebook & Twitter to see when those galleries are posted.


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